Disposable polyethylene back seat covers, “Pocket” type


Disposable polyethylene back seat covers, “Pocket” type

HDPE, various film thickness

Basic dimensions..: 1600 * 1350 mm

Color: white

In rolls on paperboard cores, 38mm in diameter

100 pcs/roll, no printing

Rolls are stacked in brown corrugated cardboard boxes

Personalized printing available!

Color, dimension and thickness customizing is possible!


To be used during vehicle service and repairing, to protect car seats from dust. May also be used after dry cleaning.


Vendor code Number of covers in one roll Сharacteristics Packing box size (in mm) Stock availability
075.081.00 100 In rolls, without print 1650 х 1350mm. 12 microns 740 х 137 х 137 available