Wall-mount multifunctional dispenser


Multifunctional dispenser is designed for using in car service shops and provide handy storage and usage of the protection disposable materials.


Dispenser is precast and consists of the frame and accessory equipment.

Self-selected customer’s composition requirements are possible.

Made of metal, shagreened in grey.


Vendor code Characteristics Dimension, mm Package, mm Stock availability
074.958.00 Wall-mount dispenser frame 755*945 Wrapped in cardboard paper In stock
074.950.00 Single roll dispenser 770*80 In stock
074.958.01 Wall-mount dispenser shelf 755*300 In stock
074.958.02 Wall-mount dispenser bar 730*250 In stock
074.957.00 Wire fabric paper mat box 430*75*450 In stock
074.958.03 Metal paper mat box 455*80*500

Laser stamping logo trademark is available.

In stock