Masking film with Scotch Pre-Tape


Masking film with masking tape designed to mask the surface of the car, which does not require painting.
It protects the surface from any pollution, moisture and paint dust.
Easy application saves time needed for masking. Various sizes of the film will help to solve any problem with minimal cost.
The protective film clings to the surface because of the static charge, and masking tape provides a straight line at the junction of the painted surfaces.
Base: polyethylene HDPE 9mkm thickness, masking tape 16 mm.
The film is resistant to chemical agents.

Masking tape leaves no trace on the surface.
Working temperature: from + 5 ° C to + 80 ° C
Packaging: each roll is packed in shrink-wrap label.
Group packaging in crepe cardboard boxes.


Vendor code Measurements (Thickness, Width, Length) Stock availability
174.965.15 9microns х 650mm х 15m in stock
174.965.30 9microns х 650mm х 30m in stock
174.911.15 9microns х 1100mm х 15m in stock
174.911.30 9microns х 1100mm х 30m in stock
174.915.15 9microns х 1500mm х 15m in stock
174.915.30 9microns х 1500mm х 30m in stock
174.918.15 9microns х 1800mm х 15m in stock
174.918.15 9microns х 1800mm х 30m in stock
174.921.15 9microns х 2100mm х 15m in stock
174.921.30 9microns х 2100mm х 30m in stock
174.924.15 9microns х 2400mm х 15m in stock
174.924.30 9microns х 2400mm х 30m in stock
174.927.15 9microns х 2700mm х 15m in stock
174.927.30 9microns х 2700mm х 30m in stock